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Get to the Root of the Problem with Integrative Holistic Medicine

Alpine Integrated Medicine, located in the heart of the Redmond Ridge community in Redmond, WA, is bringing true holistic, Integrative Health and Wellness care to people with lengthy visits, a natural focus, and a Concierge Model that brings people closer to their doctor.  

Founded by Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz, AIM strives to be the go-to health resource for people in the Redmond Ridge community, as well as the greater Eastside, and the Snoqualmie Valley, particularly Duvall and Carnation.

Besides Primary Care, AIM also offers Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as an incredible IV-Therapy suite to serve our clients and patients.  We also work with rehabilitation for athletes and MVA/L&I claims.

We are contracted with most major insurance providers, and also offer time of service discounts for cash paying patients, and we're a Concierge clinic, meaning we provide in-depth care that goes above and beyond what insurance covers.  More on Concierge here.

Finally, AIM is committed to the education of new Naturopaths, and is a certified Residency site for ND Residents.  What's more, AIM is a founding member of the prestigious INM Residency Consortuim, a residency model that seeks to improve post graduate training for NDs.  It's part of how we give back to Naturopathic Medicine at large.

Integrative Medicine, Naturopathy, Acupuncture

"After being chronically fatigued and having neuropathy for 6 months with no answers from conventional medicine, I decided to try Alpine Integrated Medicine.  Before going to Alpine, I was nearly house-bound as I had chronic fatigue and chronic pain. 

On March 2015, I met Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz, and [her] team at Alpine Integrated Medicine.   They ran some blood tests and after examining my unique deficiencies, they tailor-made some supplements/medicine for me.  As a result, I am thrilled to say that under [their] continuing care, I got my life back!   Along the way,  [they were] very open in adjusting the medicine to match my personal tolerance and made me feel very comfortable.   Now, I have energy that that did not exist before I came in.  My pain is also gone.  Not only am I functioning outside the house like a normal person, I now engage in exercise and fitness programs that I could never do before.  This place and the whole team has been a blessing.  Additionally, all the doctors and the staff I have met are very kind and most helpful.  I am very grateful for all of their help."


--AIM Patient

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Our Philosophy


The purpose of our clinic is to help shift the model of health care in this country from reactive to proactive, from "symptom-focused" to "root-cause focused". 


Using the best of eastern and western medicine, AIM's doctors assist our patients to achieve an optimal state of health in alignment with their own desires and priorities. Our multidisciplinary team treats disease holistically with the total health of the client in mind, seeking out the root cause of an ailment and promoting healthy daily routines for healing, longevity and happiness.


We recognize that good health incorporates the whole person – physical, spiritual and emotional – and our integrated approach to wellness addresses each of these components in order to achieve complete well-being. Through our personalized treatments, group classes, seminars, and community outreach, we aspire to be a force for health and wellness in the Eastside community for years to come.

They always look for the why "behind" why you're having these symptoms and are truly interested in more than just "masking your symptoms" with an Rx, but go to great lengths to explore the reason you're suffering....  and then they fix it !


--AIM Patient