Concierge Wellness Care FAQ's 

The goal of our clinic is to deliver excellent care and a close relationship with your doctor, and the Concierge Program is how we are able to achieve that goal.  

However, requiring patients to pay a little more to compensate our providers for that non-billable care is something relatively new in Primary Care, and patients have questions about it.  This page seeks to answer some of the questions we often hear about this program.  

If you have other questions about Concierge at AIM, or would like to sign up, please click here to email our Concierge Coordinator.

​1. Why can't you just bill my insurance?  Insurance is already so expensive, how is it fair that I have to pay an additional amount?

​The short answer is: we do bill your insurance just like has always been done.  The problem is that your insurance only pays for certain things, and the list of those things is shrinking all the time.  The massive premiums, co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles you are forced to pay by insurance companies covers about an 8-10 minute visit with your doctor, and very little else in terms of what Naturopaths provide to each and every patient.  

​The comparatively small Concierge Fee you pay to us covers the other 35-50 minutes of that visit, plus gives you a bunch of additional value, allowing you to really focus on proactive health care.

There are clinics and offices that will simply bill your insurance, and provide you with superficial or short-sighted care; however, our doctors believe in a higher standard of care, and that is the reason we ask patients to sign up for a Concierge Plan.  Concierge allows our providers to practice holistically and still make ends meet in a world run by insurance companies who try, through their policies, to water down your health care offerings. 

​2. Once I'm signed up for Concierge, what are the expectations around contacting my doctor?  

​The Wellness Basic Plan is our baseline plan and allows for limited email contact directly with your doctor, and the PLUS Plan allows for both email and phone access directly to your doctor.  That represents a pretty gray area though, so clarifying the norms and expectations around doctor contact is important.  

First, please remember that part of Concierge Care is having a staff that can help you with many of your questions.  For example, our In-House Billing Specialist is available if you need to discuss a bill or an insurance issue.  Our Medical Assistant is available if you need a prescription refilled, or to perform a routine blood draw.  Our Reception Desk is available if you want to schedule, or have general questions.  Please use those resources as needed.  

Second, if you have a question directly for your doctor, then please do not hesitate to email, or, in a more time sensitive setting, to call.  Our goal is to return an email within 3 business days and for PLUS patients to get back to you over the phone as soon as possible.

We're human too, and not perfect, but we work hard to meet that standard. Keep in mind that the communication you get from your doctor will vary based on what the doctor thinks is necessary.  For example, you may email a question one time and receive a long, detailed response.  For a different issue, the doctor may only need to respond with a sentence or two.  For a still different issue, the doctor may need you to come in for a visit to discuss the issue.  

​If for some reason you have emailed and do not get a response, please kindly re-send, or give us a call to let us know you sent a communication.  Sometimes wires get crossed, or something gets missed, but we want to make sure your needs are met.  


​Each provider has an email link in their bio page on this website, for easy contact.  You can also use the website contact page if you would like.  Patients on the PLUS option can call their provider directly, or call the clinic line, and select the "after hours line" to be routed to a provider after the close of business.  Sometimes the after hours line will go to voicemail, but that is for screening purposes and if you leave a short message you should get a call back shortly.  


​In the case of a life-threatening emergency, please always call 911 directly. 

​3. Is there a concierge plan that gives me cash discounts on supplements and services?

​Yes!  Our WellnessPLUS plan gives patients cash discounts on products and services that are paid for in cash at our clinic.  That includes supplements, IV Therapy, and cash acupuncture. Many patients, particularly IV Therapy patients, like this option because it results in significant out of pocket savings for them.  In addition, Wellness PLUS patients get preferred scheduling, which is very valuable to some patients with particularly demanding schedules.

​4. Is there a long-term contract?  How do I cancel?


​When you sign up for a Concierge Plan, you pay the first monthly cost at time of signup. After that, we auto-bill the Plan cost on the first of each month.  If you would like to cancel, please send us the request in writing or through email. 


​You can cancel any time, and there is no long term commitment. Please remember that if you cancel, you can always sign up again. 


Also remember that if you cancel before 1 year, certain benefits in the Wellness PLUS plan have a caveat, such as the $200 credit toward annual lab testing of your choice. Please see the plan specifics on our website for all current benefits.

5. How does Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz's "PLUS Only" patient roster work?

Dr. Brooke's patient roster is open to WellnessPLUS patients choosing her as their doctor.  As the founder, medical director, and Women's Health and Anti-Aging specialist, Dr. Brooke is now limiting her practice to 200 people total so that she can provide the close personal care that we want for every patient, while expanding the scope of our practice to serve more of our Redmond, Duvall, and other Eastside communities. 

With the creation of AIM's unique Collaborative Care Model, Dr. Brooke leads collaboration and case discussion with our entire team of doctors, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care we can provide.  Lovingly referred to as the "ND Version of the TV Show House", Dr. Brooke, Dr. Nguyen, Dr. Dan, Dr. Price, and all residents and medical staff, all meet to talk through the finer points of complex cases, and to get Dr. Brooke's perspective on treatment plans and patient care.


Collaborative Care means that no matter who you see at AIM, you get "Dr. Brooke-level" care.  And if you want to see Dr. Brooke, herself, please contact her to sign up for her Wellness PLUS waiting list