Practice Management Consulting

We offer solutions for practices of all sizes, with a customized experience designed to:
  • Develop a professional business and financing plan.
  • Identify current reality, including strengths and growth areas, of your clinic or practice.
  • Help you monetize your business to achieve your revenue goals both short and long term.
  • Develop systems for accounting, billing, and payroll to maximize efficiency and cut cost.
  • Optimize your advertising and outreach strategy, including SEO and Web Development Strategy.
  • Develop training and evaluation protocols for medical and office staff.
  • Leave you feeling confident that your business model is a success.

Next Steps and Pricing

Once you've decided to get serious about your business model and the vision for your practice, the next step is to contact us to set up a free initial consultation.  In that meeting, we will ask you some questions to determine exactly how we can help your business.

Some businesses just need a readjustment and a push in the right direction.  That can happen in a couple of meetings.  Others may want longer term consulting to guide them through a difficult time or transition.

Typical Services Include:

Development of a Business and Financing Plan Consultation


In order to succeed, businesses need a clear plan that can be submitted to funding sources, be they a bank, or private investment. Developing these plans is a generative process that forces business owners to confront assumptions and clarify their strategic vision for their practice.  In this consultation, we would guide you through the process of developing a sound business and financing plan for your practice to encourage lasting, sustainable growth.

Transition to a Concierge Medical Practice Consultation

Interested in shifting your practice to a Concierge Medical Practice?  We can guide you through the pre and post roll-out phases of this shift, to ensure it is successful and in alignment with any insurance company and legal requirements.  This can be as simple as two general informational meetings, or as in-depth as a day-to-day guide through the process.

Multi-Faceted Marketing Plan Consultation

If you want to succeed, you need a marketing plan. But, where do you start?  Everyone seems to want you to pay for advertising, so how do you know the best way to use your limited marketing dollars? We can analyze your existing marketing strategy and provide strategic recommnedations to improve your outreach with the creation of a multi-faceted marketing plan.  This can also be as simple as two meetings, or a in-depth as personal guidance through the process of creating your plan.

Complete Business Analysis and Recommendations Package

Our team can analyze all facets of your practice, including staffing, marketing, strategic planning, and financials, and give concrete recommendations to promote the growth of your unique practice goals.  This is a comprehensive service that will involve a significant amount of analysis of your company, including interviews with staff.  It would also include data gathered from current clients.  Post analysis, we would create a recommendations package that would address all aspects of your business, allowing you to confidently move forward in making changes as you see fit.  

Long Term Consultation and Guidance

Sometimes it's just nice to have someone that you can call to bounce ideas off of, or to seek guidance as day to day issues arise.  Maybe you would like more day-to-day guidance on the roll-out of a change that we recommended.  We can set up a monthly coaching or consultation session that would allow for as-needed consultation for any length of time.  

Pricing is variable and will be discussed specifically during the initial free consultation, but as a guideline, cost of services is based on a baseline of $150/hour for consulting time.  

Consultation Team:

We offer consultation that is uniquely tailored to your individual business needs.


Our consultation team includes AIM Operations Director and CFO C. J. Rentz and AIM Founder and Medical Director Dr. Brooke Azie-Rentz, ND, and AIM Director of IV Therapy Dr. Mohammad Shegeft, ND. 


Whether you are just starting a practice, and would like some advice on how to organize your startup, or you are an experienced practice owner who is interested in optimizing their business model and increasing revenue, we have the expertise to help you achieve your growth goals.

To learn more about what we can do for your practice, email Jashar to set up an informational phone meeting.

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