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Are you doing everything you can to beat Cancer?

NDs work with and support your Oncologist's treatment protocol to help you get the best possible outcomes from your Cancer Care.

Athletic Performance and Physical Rehabilitation at AIM

Get bigger, faster, stronger, and more agile with AIM's safe, natural, holistic method of Athletic Performance Enhancement!

We work with athletes of all levels to optimize and enhance their athletic performance naturally and sustainably.  We have worked with teens, adult casual athletes, and even Olympians and current and former professional athletes.  


With a combination of diet, supplementation, lifestyle and other medical modalities, we can help your body achieve its peak performance for any activity.  


Our work includes both long term work, such as diet, supplementation, rehabilitation/training/therapy, and also short term boosts such as immunity, hydration, and metabolic enhancing IV Vitamin Therapy. 

If you want to take a comprehensive and holistic look at your own athletic performance and fitness, click here to book a visit with Dr. Dan or Dr. Brooke and make sure to mention that your goal is to work with them to Optimize your Athletic Performance!

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