Meet Dr. Rosalie De Lombaert, ND, MS(Ayu)

Naturopathic Physician

Ayurvedic Medicine

My interest in complementary and alternative medicine began at a young age, growing up with Belgian parents who used both herbalism and homeopathy in the household. Later, as a college athlete, I became interested in diet and nutrition (including lactofermentation) as a means of improving physical fitness and preventing disease, which still heavily inform my practice today.


I hold a doctoral degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University as well as a Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Biology with a Minor in Hispanic Studies from Oberlin College. I have joined AIM as their first-year resident physician this year. My clinical interests include auto-immunity, rheumatology, endocrinology, digestive health, reproductive health, and infertility.


During my medical studies at Bastyr University, I completed advanced coursework in botanical medicine, women’s health, dental health, and also received additional training in physical medicine therapies such as spinal manipulation and craniosacral therapy.


Outside of my required clinical rotations, I pursued an additional 250 hours of preceptorships at local community healthcare centers, integrative medicine clinics, and in international hospitals and local emergency rooms. I have also worked extensively with the Hispanic population, and can speak both Spanish and French fluently.


Additionally, I hold a dual-degree in Ayurvedic medicine, which allows me to assess the constitutional makeup of every patient I meet from an eastern medical perspective. I strive to add an aspect of Ayurvedic medicine to each of my treatment plans, blending it in with my naturopathic recommendations.


My philosophy is simple: to help patients help themselves. By exploring the root cause of an ailment together and discussing the common goals of a treatment plan, we can create a therapeutic alliance in which the patient feels empowered in their own healthcare choices. When appropriate, I strive to use the least invasive therapies first (e.g., diet/lifestyle changes or herbal medicine) before relying on treatments with a greater side-effect profile (e.g., pharmaceuticals).  I am devoted to practicing evidence-informed medicine, and do so by keeping up-to-date with the scientific literature on CAM therapies.


My personal hobbies include gardening and wildcrafting, home-brewing a variety of ferments, as well as bicycle touring and mechanics. Originally I am from New England, and currently live in a cooperative household in the heart of Seattle with my partner.

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