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Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage Therapy at Alpine Integrated Medicine.

Let us help you practice self-care!

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Massage Therapy at AIM


AIM offers relaxing and therapeutic massage therapy as part of our commitment to holistic wellness. 


From traditional Swedish massage to specialty massages, to therapeutic massage, to injury recovery, we have the healing touch you are looking for.

Massages are booked as either 60 or 90 minutes, and include 50 or 80 minutes of hands-on time, respectively.

AIM does not bill insurance for massages as of March 2019. 


Massages must be paid for at time of service, but patients are encouraged to submit a "superbill" to their insurance company if they do have Massage benefits, and get reimbursed for the cost directly from their insurance company.  This process is a little different than in the past here, but its easy, and making this change will help us to provide a better and more consistent Massage Therapy offering for our patients and community.   


See below for specific pricing.

In addition to your massage time, we invite you to book a 30 minute Sauna Session in our state of the art Sunlighten Infrared Sauna.  This sauna is shown in peer reviewed studies to improve cardiovascular health and improve weight loss outcomes, and is built entirely free of toxic metals and glues, from hypo-allergenic Basswood. 


Besides the health benefits, the sauna is a perfect way to relax and warm your muscles before a massage treatment, or relax afterward.


Practicing Self-Care

The beauty of Massage is that it quickly connects us to the part of ourselves we miss most of the time- 

the feeling part. More specifically, the good feeling part.


During a massage we can receive without any distractions or having to immediately give back. It’s a time where we can escape our reality, in a healthy 

way, for just enough time to let go, tune in, quiet our mind, relax! Massage awakens our senses, 

promotes the release of serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin-all hormones that help us sleep, feel happy 

and content. Massage calms our nervous system, reducing the release of stress hormones, flushes our 

lymphatic system, stimulates circulation, decreases muscular tension, lowers blood pressure, and most 

importantly connects us to our body’s innate wisdom.  


Connecting with this wisdom keeps up engaged deeply with every aspect of our being-mental, physical, 

emotional, spiritual. A relationship is built. Communication is established. We begin to feel complete. 

Content. Fulfilled. 


When the relationship within our body, mind, spirit, is established, the innate wisdom is released and 

communicated with in all of our systems, supporting and inspiring us in making good decisions that 

nurture, protect and strengthen us inside and out.


Make the time for Self CARE. Love your beautiful Self. You are totally worth it!

Massage Offerings and Prices

Relaxing or Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Specialty Massage Therapy

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