Looking to refer a patient for IV Therapy?

We would love to help whether you are a Naturopath, another Primary Care Clinic, or a Hospital!  With a full stock of IV supplies, a clean, comfortable environment, and the expertise of the AIM Staff, we do accept referrals for IV Therapy and Infusions from our colleagues.  

If you have patients that are interested in IV Therapy, or that could benefit from these nutrient-rich infusions, please consider reaching out to us so that we can provide collaborative care, leading to optimal patient outcomes. 

We often get IV-specific referrals from our colleagues for things as simple as hydration, or as complex as Oncology-related care.

We have an easy to use digital form that you can use to help in the referral process.  This form will allow our team to more efficiently and effectively follow your recommendation and make communication easier on all parties.  We want to make sure your patient gets exactly what they need.