Why would I want an IV Infusion?

Nutritional, Hydration, and Vitamin IV Infusions are wonderful aspects of holistic, integrative, and preventative health care.  IV is gaining in popularity here in Washington, and all over the country, because IV Infusions produce incredible results for some very common issues.  Below are some typical reasons you might swing in to our medical clinic for a quick visit, but there are other uses that our specialists can tell you about in a consultation.  Give us a call to learn more!

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Viral Illness

IV Vitamin Therapy can be great for the prevention of illness and as a way to ameliorate the symptoms of illness.  If its cold and flu season, it's probably time for a drip.

Athletic Performance

Optimize your athletic performance with specially formulated hydration and vitamin boosted drips.  Recover faster, work out harder and longer, and optimize your performance before a big event.


Come in feeling like a 2 and leave feeling like an 8!  We can cure your worst hangovers and give you your day back!  Need a boost before a big meeting after a long night entertaining clients that got a little carried away?  It's okay...we have a drip for that.

Jet Lag

Can't afford to let business travel get the better of you?  Get energized before that big meeting. Our drips can help before or after your flight.

Promoting Weight Loss

This custom formulation promotes healthy metabolic function and stimulates wieght loss in the body.

Pain Relief

Suffering from join pain?  Our custom formulations and pushes can help with a variety of pain.  Talk to our doctors for more information.

Advanced Medical Therapies

IV Therapy is useful for a variety of medical conditions, from Iron Deficiency to Oncology Support.  Reach out to us to discuss all the medical applications for IV Therapy

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